My passion is to facilitate and initiate a conversation with my students and my clients to promote an open knowledge environment. I believe an enjoyable discussion is essential at guiding a person through a better understanding of a given topic. The most powerful way to engage and share feedback is by mastering a one on one conversation. I describe myself as a self-directed and driven highly qualified Real Estate Broker and educator professional with 18 years of experience. As a facilitator I develop and execute comprehensive educational plans, audiovisual presentations and curriculum development to aid learning with a particular focus on ethics, financing and real estate math. As a broker I work with prospective homebuyers and assist them with mortgage qualifications and negotiating with lenders. My personal and professional experiences have taught me the following about myself:


My job is about relationship building, which comes natural to me. I have always been a big people person who loves making new friends. As a Real Estate Broker and Instructor this skills proves invaluable, enabling me to develop broad networks of contacts and maximize student and client satisfaction.


I stay calm when faced with adversity. I am a cancer survivor, have a pacemaker and a mitral valve clip and nothing has stopped me, to the contrary it has made me resilient. This makes you more empathetic and makes you think outside the box. I’m constantly going because I never settle.


I focus on making high-quality decisions. I just finished the Mortgage Loan Originator Pre Licensing course to broaden my horizons. I’m currently waiting to be licensed. I know all my current skills will help me excel at guiding customers to make they're dream of becoming a homeowner a reality. When I'm not working I love to be with my family and my dogs. Just enjoying peace and quiet times. I enjoy doing some wood carving, reading and dining out.

Luis Rodriguez

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Instructing in English & Spanish