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Valarie Melton Miles

You will get hands on knowledge from a very professional educator that loves teaching someone else to be great.

March 5, 2020

danique nikki douglas


Cynthia is a great instructor and very knowledgeable. I really enjoyed her class.

Hieu Quoc Nguyen

Cynthia is a great instructor. Highly recommend for anyone want to start their real estate education⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ #PassedMyStateBrokerExam

April 3rd, 2019

Damion Stevens

Cynthia Givens is the real deal when it comes to her knowledge and expertise in real estate. Polk County, you are about to get an upgrade!

February 23, 2020

Gloria Oyway June 23, 2019

Cynthia was the first Instructor I met when I started in Real Estate and she has inspired and continues to inspire me to always keep myself informed with all of the updates on Real Estate. I really enjoy her class as well because she keeps it very interesting.

Kelsey Bolton  June 23, 2019

Just completed my 63 hour Pre-licensing course with this school. I was very pleased with the learning atmosphere, it had small class size making it very one on one when I needed clarification or help understanding. I previously knew NOTHING about real estate law outside of a partial online course I attempted elsewhere beforehand, no background in related fields. I was apprehensive that I could learn a mass of information in one week, but I felt confident by the end of the 7 days and passed my end of course exam! Cynthia givens was my instructor and I’m thankful, her stories , examples and teaching methods made it bearable to sit through that much constant instruction and actually retain what I was learning. Things that made no sense to me online in class or reading through my book at home just clicked! She made sure things made sense to each of us and we all were able to have some open dialogue about different concepts. 

Beverly Carr

"Trust in the Lord with all of your heart, lean not in your own understanding; in all ways acknowledge Him, and He will direct your paths." - NKJV Proverbs 3: 5-6
"Challenges are what make life interesting, overcoming them is what makes life meaningful."

I consider myself a seasoned learner so I chose an institution (Heart of Florida School of Real Estate) that would offer this course with in-person support (with safety in mind), communication, professionalism, time, and continuous encouragement.

After a few months of fear on the on the fence, searching for Real Estate Broker in-person learning, I called around to schools who offered the course. I spoke to Mrs. Givens after remembering taking a course when she taught with the North East Florida Association of Realtors. She was extremely understanding to my concerns with the way I learn, and my ability to retain tons of information in a short period of time. This issue of mine may not be concerning to most, but for me, it’s huge. She listened to me not to respond, but to offer solutions. Our class time was very productive. Mrs. Givens was attentive to each person’s individual needs making us accountable for the information we were responsible for to be successful in the course. It was NOT easy…I can truly say “if I can do it, anyone can”. 72 hours in class, 1500+miles, 2 weeks in hotel, and oh yes…Disney Traffic. 100% Worth it. Many thanks and continued blessings.


My experience and time at the Heart of Florida School of Real Estate was just life changing for me as a student! The teachings and hands on experiences she taught propelled me to my ultimate goal! Passing the State Exam!! Cynthia ROCKS!!!

Lekia Johnson


Cynthia is an amazing instructor. Her teaching techniques kept our entire class engaged learning all while having fun. I followed Cynthia’s instructions and study guide to prepare for the State Exam and passed on my 1st attempt!! Thanks Cynthia for helping me begin my career in Real estate ☺️

Shawn Tingle

Misty McTeer  recommends Heart of Florida School of Real Estate.


Loved the in person class! Cynthia has a wealth of knowledge and is a great instructor.

Luis Davila


This review took me way too long! But what can say others haven't already? Ms. Cynthia makes the class so easy to understand and gives you real life situations and stories and implements that into the curriculum which was my favorite part of the class! She's honest and will tell you everything you need to know to pass the state exam. Highly recommend this school if you are looking to get licensed in Central Florida!

Maria Lopez


Ms Givens knows what she knows what she knows she’s a great instructor, she makes learning fun. Online classes are good they worked for me, I truly recommend this school for anyone wanting to change careers. Good affordable and reliable.

Bombshell Goddess


I highly recommend Ms. Cynthia Givens' Heart of Florida School of Real Estate! I took her live stream 7 day course for pre-licensure real estate sales associate. Ms. Cynthia is professional, extremely knowledgeable, and takes great pride in her instruction to get her students passed the course to meet state requirements. I took her course and passed the exam on my first attempt with a grade of 91. My entire class passed because she provide us with the education to be successful!

Richard Sochuk


I strongly recommend the Hearts of Florida Real Estate School owned and directed by Ms. Cynthia Givens. The school located in Haines City, Florida, makes it an ideal location for anyone who lives in the Central Florida area. I enrolled in the pre-licensure real estate sales associate course. There are many other courses offered by Hearts of Florida School of Real Estate. My personal experience with Ms. Cynthia Givens was excellent. Ms. Givens professionalism, knowledge and dedication to her students is outstanding. She provides the students with all the necessary instructions and pointers for students to pass the course and meet state requirements. I thank you Ms. Cynthia Givens with all my heart. p.s. I am 69 years old. If I can do it and pass so, can you.

J Rivera - Google Review

Heart of Florida School of real estate for the pre license course has been the best decision i had ever made. Ms Cynthia is very knowledgeable and the many years of experience she has under her belt is an A+. She will teach you everything you need to know, she will repeat herself over and over, and she will give you many advices. It will be up to you if you put into practice and study what she tells you to. At the end of the day is ( I’ll quote Ms Cynthia) “ How bad do you want it.” Thank you Ms Cynthia for giving everything in you to helped us succeed in your class.


The course was great. It had a great learning environment and it easy to communicate anything. Plus, the most important thing it was a great atmosphere to learn.

Jonathan Jalaff


I want to thank Ms Cynthia Givens for giving her all to her students so we can pass the end of class exam. She is very knowledgeable. Listen to her advices and pay attention in class and you will succeed. Thank you Ms Cynthia for your dedication to your students.

Janeliz Rivera

Patricia Orange


I highly recommend Heart of Florida School of Real Estate! I took my broker class and it was easy to access the materials and contact Cynthia if I had any questions! Cynthia really cares about everyone she works with and goes the extra mile to ensure your success!

Anthony Thomas


I would highly recommend attending Ms. Cynthia’s school. She has a great knowledge about all subjects related to real estate and takes the time to help you understand everything you need to know to be successful. I told her I have trouble studying and she gave me tips and suggestions to help myself focus and study for the test. I took her advice and passed. If you want to learn from the best… register for your course with Ms. Cynthia at Heart of Real Estate School!!!!

LaShanda Hilliard


I learned what I needed to know to pass the state exam. I feel confident in my ability I take my exam this month. I learned via live stream and she was patient in explaining what I needed clarification on. I also enjoyed the games during the review. The practice on the math was broken down and the real life examples provided during the training aided in learning the terms of the trade.

Maria Polanco

September 2022

Cynthia Givens is a phenomenal teacher. She is able to connect with everyone in her class making sure all her students understand and learns each lesson as a group. She has a way of teaching that keeps everyone engaged that you want to come to class the next day and learn more. She has patience and able to bring creativity with each lesson that speaks to everyone in their own way of learning. The collaboration in the classroom is pleasing for everyone and she is able to break the ice on those who are usually shy where they are comfortable around others and no one is nervous. This is by far an extraordinary teacher where she puts the work into you and you put the work into yourself. May God bless this extraordinary school.
Thank You for giving people the courage to succeed in this business.

Volny Jeanbaptiste

November 2022

Screenshot 2023-01-27 191511.jpg

MzUnique M

July 2022

Awesome Class and excellent instructor!!

Screenshot 2023-01-27 191511.jpg
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