Social Distance

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What is Distance Education?

Distance education is the delivery of instructional information that does not confine the student to be physically present in the same location as the instructor/teacher. To be effective, distance education offerings must include opportunities for personal interaction.

The Reality of Distance Education?

  • You must be a self  starter

  • Online classes are not easier than traditional classes

  • Online classes are convenient and flexible

  • Online education can be technologically challenging

  • Less opportunity to interact with peers and instructors in real time

Is Distance Education Right For You?

When considering a distance education program, ask yourself the following questions?

  1. Do you have adequate computer equipment with Internet access?

  2. Is your computer situated in a quiet location where you can work uninterrupted?

  3. Are you more interested in curriculum than interaction?

  4. Are you a highly focused, self-disciplined individual?

  5. Do you find the distance learning approach preferable to traditional in-classroom student/teacher stimulation?

  6. Do you need a flexible program to fit your needs?

  7. Is the content you want to study appropriate for online learning (meaning no hands-on instruction)?

  8. Do you prefer one-on-one interaction with Faculty (most likely via e-mail rather than classroom participation)?

  9. Will you benefit from distance education?

If you answered YES to at least six of these questions, then distance education might be a good fit for you. As you explore a distance education program, be sure to consider your capabilities in terms of time, and identify the specific approaches and attendance requirements.