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Cynthia Givens, is the owner and instructor who comes with a wealth of experience and knowledge in the real estate industry. Cynthia is a licensed real estate broker with 18 years of real estate experience. She also is a licensed real estate instructor and former Florida REALTORS approved instructor with a background in live face to face, virtual and recorded teaching real estate for multiple states. Cynthia has experience in teaching:

  • The Guide to Commercial Real Estate 

  • Essentials of Real Estate Investing 

  • Guide to Passing the AMP Real Estate Exam 

  • Florida - Business Ethics 

  • Florida - Fair Housing 

  • Florida - Anti-Trust

  • Modern Real Estate 

  • Florida Sales Pre-License 

  • Florida Sales Post License 

  • Florida Broker Sales Pre-License

  • Florida Broker Management

  • Florida Broker Investment

  • How to Host A Successful Home buyer Workshop

  • Professional Promotion

  • Nebraska - Developing Professional Conduct & Ethical Practices

  • North Dakota - Commercial

  • Math Calculations Prep to pass the Florida State Exam

  • and several more classes written by Cynthia. 

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